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 Let's make some money! Music Publishing is a major source of  revenue for songwriter's. There are four methods of generating income through publishing:  mechanical rights income, public performance income, sheet music income, synchronization income. 

                                           Kaviar is an amazing artist!   

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Unique Lyrics
( All Genre)
with Melodies




By licensing my work I am granting permission for someone to incorporate my creative idea into their own new project, normally in exchange for a flat fee or a percentage of their profits.


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J A M Digital Productions  a business in the market of creating unique lyrics with melodies that will be sold to publishers, agents, motion picture, Broadway, television, commercials and the Gospel World venue. Founded in 1992,                 

J A M Digital Productions a video, film,  music and visual effects Production Company, has grown from a small music studio to a full-service production facility, beginning to service clients nationwide.

J A M's writer (kaviar rsvp), directors, researchers, editors and artists have created  multi-award winning broadcast work in television and video productions. HD is the new technology and we are upgrading to this, so video production, musical composition and sound design can be produced at the highest quality. In its more than 17 year history; 

 J A M Digital Productions has established a reputation of artistic integrity, production quality and outstanding client service.

Lets get funded ! Let's get started!  

Kaviar rsvp™ writes custom songs usually for a publisher,agent,record company, producer in motion pictures, bands/artists, Broadway, television, commercials, the private sector, and the Gospel World Venue.                        

 TAXI MEMBER SINCE  2000               

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Kaviar rsvp in the Studio having fun with the camera 44 DD



  Kaviar as Marlyn                                  

A very Professional lady, Kaviar likes to have fun too. Moments come and go and in the picture below, she performs for an album cover.



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